leaving for the world

February 12, 2008

today i did it. i bought my plane ticket to nepal. one way. im mustering all the money, courage and hope i have and im “making it happen.” for most of you that know me, this is no surprise and you may have even exhaled a simple, “finally” at the news. this will be my 3rd birthday in nepal, and i can’t tell you how ecstatic i am.

im not sure how blogging works in asia, but i know facebook is faithful. it was with me during my last escapade to asia, so i’ll be posting images and video via facebook. i have two more months here at the News Journal and then im gone.


it’s alive! it’s running! i can breathe a bit now. speedweeks last about a month. so please keep checking for updates. we’ll post every time we have something of multimedia interest to post.


designing multimedia

January 24, 2008

here’s the newest rough draft of the speedweeks multimedia site for the daytona beach news journal. i’d love any input on design or navigation. the top buttons dont go anywhere yet…its still being produced.


quick video: (holiday) fun

December 17, 2007

i work inside most of the time…doing production and coming up with some ideas. but today i went to the post office to tell the story of Christmas Rush. i had a good time. short and sweet.


photo by Jessica Webb-Sibley

great multimedia

December 17, 2007

one of my favorite people just produced this amazing piece on a lady named carolynne. it’s about her struggle and her family’s struggle through cancer. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. The whole piece was amazing, pictures were phenomenal, audio works well, content is so compelling. great job guys. go get em Kari Collins.remember_me

it’s no joke guys, i am currently residing in Daytona Beach, Florida.

and if there’s one thing we all know about Daytona Beach it’s that we harbor the most amazing sport in the world: NASCAR racing. and as the newest member of the Daytona Beach News Journal, I’ve been heralded with the task of creating an interactive for our multimedia coverage.

Here’s my idea…and what it looks like so far. (i’m getting a head start by the way…it’s exactly 68 days 05 hours 44 minutes and 28 seconds away *thanks daytona500.com)

Idea: i wanted a way to get the whole photo staff in on the multimedia stream. I decided to stay away from “categorizing” our coverage because it would be too strict. for example, if we didn’t produce something (great or in time for deadline) from the “Budweiser Shootout” (whatever that means) we could still post other MM. so the concept is to post multimedia based on the TYPE of media instead of the EVENT.

Design: Octavio is designing 4 icons that correspond with each type of media.

1. blogs, podcasts, videocasts

2. picture galleries and audio slideshows

3. video

4. interactive multimedia.


It’s a two week event, so as we go along we can post interesting stories that the print people aren’t exactly excited about. It’s a fringe blog-ish mentality. There are already so many websites and so many people covering the MAIN event. We wanted to do something different, something more featurey. This way all our photographers can get their feet wet with multimedia. Some do audio slide shows already, some shoot video as well. Some only shoot pictures.

I’d love feedback. This is just the beginning. I’ll post more as it develops.

malawi project and fun

December 6, 2007

my good friend Dave just got back from a life changing trip to africa. we used his pictures and an interview of him to produce a small production on his trip. Will Bassin composed the music.


My friend Octavio is a great illustrator. He basically let me put animation to his amazing work.

His went on print. Mine is here…it was fun.